EPIC Powder Machinery for simplified operation and mass production of air flow mill

Compared with other pulverizers, the output of air flow pulverizer is 10-20% higher under the same dynamic conditions. Mineral materials with Mohs hardness less than 10 can be processed and crushed. The particle size distribution of the finished product is narrow, and the particle size can generally reach 200 mesh to 5000 mesh. The lapping device adopts overlapping multi-stage seal

The innovative design of the pulverizing chamber and the pulverizing nozzle of the air flow pulverizer makes the equipment have super crushing capacity. The classification principle is to use the speed regulating operation of the classification wheel to form a forced eddy current to achieve the particle size classification of materials. The host system is composed of super powerful crushing components and excellent performance classifier components, which is self-contained. In addition, in the design of the system, electromechanical integration and intelligent control principles are used between the feeding system and the host. When the system equipment produces ultra-fine materials, it realizes the simplification of operation, production and stability of finished product quality. Because the air flow pulverizer pulverizes materials according to the self grinding principle of materials, and the crushing chamber has less pollution to the products, it is especially suitable for the pulverization of drugs and other materials that are not allowed to be contaminated by metals and other impurities. The air flow pulverizer has a very high fine crushing effect in the crushing process. Secondly, the wear-resistant materials such as high-strength and impact resistance are used between the main and auxiliary blades, which can be continuously stable and have a long service life under the condition of long-term high-speed rotary cutting; Users are also very safe and reliable in specific operation, convenient and fast maintenance, low maintenance cost, high output of crusher in industrial production, low energy consumption, environmental protection, low external noise, and will not affect the surrounding environment. The air flow pulverizer is elaborately developed by making full use of the theories of impact, shearing, mutual impact and grinding. During operation, materials can be finely crushed fully and effectively in the crushing chamber, with high output, low energy consumption, high efficiency and uniform fine crushing. The whole system is equipped with a dust removal device to reduce the dust pollution hazard generated in the production process to a low level. Therefore, when using this equipment, it has low noise, no pollution, simple operation and convenient maintenance

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